Welcome to Carramar

Carramar brings you a piece of little Thailand. We specialize in exquisite Thai cuisine. We brought a genuine experienced in home-style cooking. Thai cuisine is known for its five delicate flavours. Spicy seasonings are common in the curry dishes. You can have a variety of flavours added. Spice lovers have a new reason to brag. We got some of the best soups to be served with your favourite meal. Visit Carramar for home-style Thai cuisines for vegetable and meat lovers.


Come in & Taste

We aim to home-produce as much as possiblefor the best quality, and to reduce food miles. Our delicious cakes, traditional Devon scones, breads, soups, sauces and accompaniments are produced in our own kitchens and we use herbs from our gardens when in season. Even our bottled water is produced in-house, using a sophisticated seven-stage filtration.